Whiteboard Wednesday: Transit King’s Magic Token For You!

Transit King's Magic Token

“And in exchange for a favor promised, I’ll give ye a bit o’ magic.” He produced a coin, which he pressed into my hand.

I looked at it. In my palm sat a corroded brass coin, its faces weathered almost smooth, except for the word “interurban” curving along the edge on one side.

“It’s a rail token from some of me better days,” he said with sadness, “Hold it and say “pick me up” thrice, and no matter where you be, a ride will come to yer rescue, ta take you anywhere within my domain ye need to go.”

I looked at him, then back at the coin, doubtful.

This is just a design right now, but I hope to have something tangible eventually… Certainly by late November when the first of the Tipsy Fairy Tales, Blue Spirit, is slated to be published by Seventh Star Press!

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Whiteboard Wednesday: More Blue Spirit “art”

On this Whiteboard Wednesday, we revisit the once and future Tipsy Fairy Tale, Blue Spirit. I am working with a Seventh Star Press artist to figure out the cover and interior art. These two will be the latter, most likely. It is a sure thing that what the artist comes up with will be of far finer quality, but I hope you enjoy these concept drawings I made anyway:

Queen Howl

Queen Howl haunts a nightmare scene, holding Minnie captive and commanding the hounds of the wild hunt in a moonlit forest.

Danse Macabre Stage

The Night Duke of Indianapolis faces Skye on stage at the Danse Macabre, with a distinctly unhappy looking Annabelle looking on from behind them.

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Whiteboard Wednesday: New Blue Spirit Cover Idea?




I wish I was better at photo editing with GIMP, the magic wand doesn’t select as I would expect. BUT this is just a concept. A Frogman guard threatens Skye (armed with an iron fireplace poker) and Annabelle. This *might* be what I ask the Seventh Star Press artist I’ll be working with to use for the cover. We may come up with better things between us.

Pre-edits of Blue Spirit are nearly finished, then the manuscript will move on to a Seventh Star Press editor, and when the edits come back to me, I will rework the manuscript and send it back for a second round. After that, it’ll go to layout and press.

I am psyched.

Blue Spirit WB 2014

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Tipsy Fairy Tales coming your way!!!

justminnieI have news! I’ve spoken with my publisher (Seventh Star Press), and they have greenlighted work on the Tipsy Fairy Tales, including republishing Blue Spirit (which has been out of print for over a year now), as well as the already-written Restless Spirit. Both have launch dates on the calendar. One should be out in late November, the other in the spring of 2015. I’ve got some of the third in the series written, but at the moment, I’ve got to get going on the pre-edits for Blue Spirit.

As far as Me and the Devil goes, it has been delayed slightly, waiting on some materials. I’m assured it will be out before the Imaginarium and Context, however. So I should have a fully functional Road Ghosts Trilogy by those conventions! Huzzah!

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Whiteboard Wednesday: “Spirited” humor…

New Whiteboard Wednesday!


Road Ghosts‘ characters Brett and Gonzo go on a hunt, but they have different goals…

In other news, I’ve moved Whiteboard Wednesdays’ home to right here on my blog, instead of my Facebook page. See also the gallery of past Whiteboard art. Speaking of the Road Ghosts Trilogy, I hope to have Me and the Devil news for you Real Soon Now.

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Reality Check: Last day of 99 cent @HydraPress Summer Bash sale!


Buy Reality Check for Amazon Kindle

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Reality Check: Moon Battle – ANIMATED Whiteboard Wednesday!

Okay, just for the Hydra Summer Bash 2 (Electric Bookaloo) I am spoiling all of you with ANOTHER animated Whiteboard Wednesday video!

In case you hadn’t seen already, Reality Check is on sale for 99 cents, so if you want to know more about the Scorps and Hoppers on the Moon, it’s not gonna even cost you a buck to find out that and so much more about alternate realities that might well be neighboring our own.

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