Reality Check: Last day of 99 cent @HydraPress Summer Bash sale!

Reality Check: Moon Battle – ANIMATED Whiteboard Wednesday!

Okay, just for the Hydra Summer Bash 2 (Electric Bookaloo) I am spoiling all of you with ANOTHER animated Whiteboard Wednesday video!

In case you hadn’t seen already, Reality Check is on sale for 99 cents, so if you want to know more about the Scorps and Hoppers on the Moon, it’s not gonna even cost you a buck to find out that and so much more about alternate realities that might well be neighboring our own.

Hydra Summer Bash 2 – Electric Bookaloo

hydraborgLast year, the Hydra Summer Bash was more successful than our wildest imaginations. My own Reality Check reached #1 in Amazon Science Fiction. Hang on a minute, I need to savor that moment. Ahhhhh.

But here it is again! This year, Hydra Publications has a metric slew (1.4927 times an ordinary slew) of books on sale for 99 cents or less. Click on Locutus of Borg to the right to go to the full list of Hydra titles, sorted from lowest price on up.

We’ve got mysteries, romance, thrillers, science fiction, fantasy, and other books found nowhere else but Hydra.

If you don’t have a copy of my Reality Check yet, why not spend 99 cents and give yourself a treat? It’s full of science fiction, steampunk, humor, and it’s a story about love and friendship spanning worlds. And if you can find another novel printed before 2013 that has a cybernetic zombie squirrel in it, I’ll give you your money back.

Get Reality Check for 99 cents!


Pukwudgie vs Cthulhu – ANIMATED Whiteboard Wednesday!

My first ever animated Whiteboard Wednesday! (Shut up! It’s Wednesday in Australia right now…)

Pukwudgies are sort of the Native American equivalent of the Gremlins, except not as nice. I’ll be writing about them during July as I tackle the third Tipsy Fairy Tale novel, Mean Spirit!

Enjoy! And share it around if you like it.

My InConjunction 2014 panel schedule

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Fourth of July weekend (Fri 7/4 – Sun 7/6), I’ll be attending the InConjunction science fiction and fantasy convention here in Indianapolis at the Marriott East hotel as a guest. I will be selling and signing my books in the vendor hall at the Speculative Fiction Guild booth along with R.J. Sullivan, Matt Barron, and John F. Allen.

Well, I’ll be there when I’m not in one of the following panels:

Day StartTime Venue Title Participant_Names
Friday 16:00 Main Programming Book Trailers – What Are They Good For? R.J. Sullivan , Eric Garrison , Kat Falls
Saturday 10:00 Harrison Room Psychological Conditions and the Creative Katie Grause , Eric Garrison , Mickey Moore , Amy McCorkle
Saturday 11:00 Indianapolis Ballroom D Point of View–it’s better to have one! Matthew Barron , Rosemary Laurey , R.J. Sullivan , Eric Garrison , John F Allen , Crystal Leflar
Saturday 13:00 Main Programming Writer Artist Relationships C.S. Marks , Matthew Barron , Eric Garrison , Crystal Leflar
Saturday 15:00 Indianapolis Ballroom D Modern Fairy Tales Rosemary Laurey , Eric Garrison , John F Allen , Crystal Leflar
Saturday 19:00 Harrison Room Speculative Fiction Guild Writer’s Workshop R.J. Sullivan , Eric Garrison , Crystal Leflar

Come see me!

NaNoWriMo… in July?

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Alphasmart Neo

The right tool for the job of pounding out words… and NO FACEBOOKING!

I’m writing this declaration of intent to help hold me to a goal: I intend to write half a novel in July.

Why half? Why July?

Well, November is the usual month for National Novel Writing Month, but I have a work trip planned for November that will take up over a week of that month. Something disruptive like that is sure to sabotage my noveling. So… I am making a preemptive strike and have made a pact with my friend Johnna that we will write no less than  25,000 words in July. That means not just half the words, but July has a whole extra day in it. That means barely more than 800 words per day on average.

Easy peasy. I’ve written more than 800 words on my lunch break.

I may regret those words, especially since I’ll be spending 3 of those days attending the InConjunction science fiction/fantasy convention as a guest (and selling my books in the vendor room!), but I think it’ll be good to get back in a regular writing routine again.

Hmm, and I have some Iron Writer events coming in July too.

I hope this turns out okay.  Wish me luck!

Whiteboard Wednesday and Blue Spirit

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In Blue Spirit, Skye flees a burning building, an iron fireplace poker her only weapon against barely seen evil fairies.

In Blue Spirit, Skye flees a burning building, an iron fireplace poker her only weapon against barely seen evil fairies.

Today’s Whiteboard Wednesday appears here because Facebook is not letting me upload the image. I hope to add it to the album later.

Also… as a teaser, I will say a few things about Blue Spirit. It has been out of print and unavailable electronically for almost a year now. It has a sequel written, Restless Spirit, which needs editing. It has a planned third book, Mean Spirit, which has been started, but needs reworking due to events in the middle book.

The teaser is, I hope to have big news for you regarding these books SOON!


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