Blue and Skye—a cross-character discussion, Part 2

2015 Update: Haunting Blue and Blue Spirit are both now much improved, with shiny new covers, and republished by Seventh Star Press.

By E. Chris Garrison and R.J. Sullivan. CGI art by Nell Williams

Two fictional characters discuss their various trials and tribulations as portrayed in the novels Blue Spirit by Eric Garrison (©2010) and Haunting Blue by R.J. Sullivan (©2010).

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Skye: So, I want to tell you, it’s a real relief to know another girl who’s experienced the paranormal directly. Most people either think I’m crazy or drunk if I confide my visions. How do you handle it if people ask questions?

Blue: I don’t talk about it! It was the worst day of my life. My shrink told me to start a journal and that’s how it ended up getting written down, but I didn’t even show her the real thing. Therapy took long enough as it was. Just imagine if I told her we were really fighting a ghost. To this day, Dr. Churchill thinks Chip and I just fought some lame burglar. I wish that’s all it was. Until I saw your book, I hadn’t told anyone this was based on reality. But…then I read yours and I just thought I should reach out, you know? I mean, we’ve both lost a lot this year.

Skye: Oh, crap, I’m sorry, Blue! I don’t even know how you survived! Uh, I mean Fiona? Crap again! What do you prefer being called? Is ‘Blue’ for anyone now, or is that special between you and Chip?

Blue: Well, if it’s Blue or Kiddo, I’ll take Blue. [laughs] And definitely better than Fi-Fi. I’m officially retiring that nickname for the rest of my life. My old waist-oid boyfriend here in Broad Ripple started that, and I was like, ‘Sure Joey, sounds great.’ I don’t know what I was thinking.

Skye: I’m sorry… but you’re just not a Fi-Fi. Blue it is then! Believe me, I understand. I’ve another stupid question, if you don’t mind? Most of your book is from your personal point of view. How did you write the parts that happened before you or I were born? You know, Gunther and the Perionne Bank robbery?

Blue: Actually, Chip was pretty obsessed about the whole story. He already knew most of it. Most of the people there did. The incident was so infamous I had to write a paper on it based on the handouts one of my teachers handed out. Mister Haplin at the beginning of the book. And of course, Chip helped, and we had a few other local sources. But when I dropped the research paper into the novel draft if was as exciting as watching snow melt. So I decided instead tt was a chance to be creative and dramatic about something else other than myself, but it’s all based on facts we’d already researched.

Okay, my turn! So seriously. About this Queenie bitch chasing you around. What the hell. I mean, there you are, trying to save your job, and this crazy woman you barely know, except from in the game, walks out with your boyfriend in tow.

Skye: Yeah, I was such an idiot… Me, of all people, taking someone like her at face value! I was totally blindsided. My whole life unraveled after that.

Blue: I’ll say. She sends werewolf minions to try to kill you. She burns down your apartment and makes it look like you did it. And she kidnapped Minnie. And she has an evil lair in Holliday Park? Who does that? Was she just a major exception or do spellcasters tend to be psycho-bitches? I mean, is there any form of law in the magical realm?

Skye: [snorts] Oh Queenie made herself an exception, that’s for sure! There aren’t laws as such in the magical realm… more like protocols and etiquette. It’s okay to go on a killing spree as long as you don’t use the wrong fork or something. But I haven’t met anyone from the other world with her level of crazy ambition. I sure didn’t know what I did to deserve all that, it took until the Danse Macabre before I got what was going on. Ugh! Let’s talk about someone else!

Blue: I agree. So…uh….that Heather Ale your friend at the brewpub made for you. Did he know he was making something magical or was that just dumb luck or incredible talent? (And…uh…does he have any extra?)

Skye: Oh, the gruit? Greg’s got a magic touch at brewing, though he doesn’t realize the half of it. I think it was a weird combination of my gift and his that enhanced my powers. And believe me… I asked to see if he had more, but he said it was a small batch. Damn.

Blue: Well, it was a long, strange road to get this far, but in a weird way, we’re both in a better place. What’s next for you?

Skye: Well… I’m trying to be good. I let things get away from me for awhile, but I had to, to protect my friends, since no one else could see what was going on. Now? I’m not sure. I’m looking for work, I’m trying to live in just one world, and I’m trying to dry out. I’ll admit, the pull of the other world is strong. I see things, even sober, out of the corners of my eyes… And I’ve had offers, you know, to use my second sight… but I’m trying to be good.

So, kid… I mean, Blue… what are your plans? Are you settling down in Perionne? Moving back to Broad Ripple?

Blue: {releases deep sigh] I’m leaving later this summer. My Dad wants me to spend some time with him in New York and I’m already enrolled at NYU there. They say the writing program is incredible, so it’s a good fit. But that means Chip and I will be doing the long distance thing. But that might not be so bad. I was right about one thing. I needed to get away from Perionne as soon as I could. I just couldn’t imagine the reasons why.

Skye: Well, I’m glad you’re here today.

Blue: Me, too. [looks at cell phone] But I gotta go.

Skye: Aww, that’s too bad. Seems like you just got here.

Blue: I know, but…my buddy Zadora gathered up few of my old Broad Ripple friends together at Bazbeaux Pizza to throw a little goodbye party for me.

Skye: Oh. Sounds like fun. Well… it was great seeing you again.

Blue: Same here, but… Hey, it’s my goodbye party, how about coming with me? You could call Annabelle and have her meet us, too.

Skye: Cool, I’d like that. Let’s go!


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