I’m going out of print…

…for awhile.  In a few days, I plan to take down all print versions of my books.  I’ll still be offering epub versions, and if you catch me in person, I do have a supply of hard copy books still that I’ll sign and sell to you.

Why? Well, I want to re-evaluate print. Since Print on Demand (POD) is so easy and costs nothing to offer, I don’t think I’ll ever completely abandon print. But I’ve been told there are better options.

Plus, I’m considering taking Amazon up on their Kindle Select program, which could mean a big free Kindle-format giveaway in the future.

So, if you really want a paper copy of any of my books, you’d best go get them now or contact me to get one of the limited supply I have in stock!

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  1. ericgarrison says:

    The Kindle Select option started for Blue Spirit today. This is an experiment, we’ll see if it helps or not.

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