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Welcome to the Alien Beer Podcast, where I read my science fiction and fantasy stories to you! Airs biweekly, including my stand-alone short/flash stories, episodes of The Multiverse Blues science fiction serial, and tales from the inter-dimensional Rosedale Pub.

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Bonus 6 – SPI Girls Kick Ass! sample Alien Beer

As you likely know by now, I have teamed up with Red Tash and Kat Bradbury to create a Kindle Vella science fiction adventure serial, under the collective pen name of Kaye Elsie. It's called "SPI Girls Kick Ass!" It's like Charlies Angels meets The Matrix. This week’s podcast is chapter 3 of that serial, the first chapter I personally wrote, starring my character Jaxa. She lives in a Star Trek-inspired virtual world, holding a double job: Jaxa works as a maintenance officer, but she also works for the Singularity Policing Initiative to help make the virtual world run smoothly, so the residents don’t have to worry about Immersion being broken.  I hope you'll check the rest of the story out at
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