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Welcome to the Alien Beer Podcast, where I read my science fiction and fantasy stories to you! Airs biweekly, including my stand-alone short/flash stories, episodes of The Multiverse Blues science fiction serial, and tales from the inter-dimensional Rosedale Pub.

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Alien Beer Reboot? FEEDBACK REQUESTED! Alien Beer

Hello? Is anybody out there? I can hear you breathing. At least, I think I can. This isn't a story this time, it's me talking about the history of the Alien Beer Podcast, and about a possible future. That future depends on both me and you. I want to hear from you if you want more of this podcast. I have a new, very queer serial I've been writing that I might share here on the podcast. But only if you want to hear it. Let me know in the comments here, or by sending a note to @ecgarrison on Twitter, or one of the other means I list at the end of every episode. I hope to hear from you! Love, Chrissy
  1. Alien Beer Reboot? FEEDBACK REQUESTED!
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  5. Rosedale Pub – Moonlit Knight

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