Born This Fae

An adventure where destiny ignites, and ordinary lives transform forever

Welcome to Becca’s Book Cellar! Here, the QUILTBAG book club, a group of LGBTQ+ friends, discovers their latent fae blood has bestowed them with extraordinary powers. As they grapple with how to control their newfound abilities, a sinister and mysterious force emerges from the paranormal underworld beyond dreams and nightmares. Is this a coincidence, or is there a connection between their new abilities and the emerging threat?

Seeking out others touched by the fae, Bianca, Perri, Grace, Becca, Caleb, and Skyler embark on a perilous journey into the hidden fae underworld. Can the QUILTBAG book club discover what’s behind the rise in supernatural power, and stop the powerful creature that threatens to destroy existence as we know it?

Following the Road Ghosts and the Tipsy Fairy Tales trilogies, this thrilling installment unveils ancient secrets, mythical creatures, and a celebration of diverse love and resilience.

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