The Multiverse Blues on the Alien Beer Podcast

Welcome to the Multiverse Blues, an audio science fiction serial! Episodes air every other week on the Alien Beer Podcast.

The world of The Multiverse Blues is any world, every world. Follow Jules Martin as they run away to join the crew of inter-dimensional rock/blues diva, Hope. Hope’s Tour jumps from one parallel ‘verse to another in the band’s massive tour bus. Each Arch portal they pass through brings a new world where some things are the same, and others are very different.

If you’re not careful, though, you might run into yourself.

Hope, Interdimensional Rock Star

Episode List:

The Multiverse Blues is now a BOOK!

The Multiverse Blues ended yesterday; the last episode aired on the Alien Beer Podcast. But now it can be yours, as a paperback book (Amazon and Barnes & Noble) or ebook in Kindle format! Follow jack-of-all-trades Jules Martin as they run away to join the crew of an inter-dimensional rock/blues band. Hope’s Tour travels from … Continue reading

Alien Beer – Ch 26 – The Multiverse Blues – Rambling on My Mind

In the final episode of The Multiverse Blues, Jules faces down two armies which threaten the lives of the refugee Tristellians, and the Theta Earth concert crowd that might get caught in the crossfire. How can Jules stop the oncoming slaughter? Well, dear listeners, this is it, the last episode of The Multiverse Blues. … Continue reading

This Thursday: The Multiverse Blues release!

It’s here! The only copy of The Multiverse Blues in existence is in my hands! This Thursday, the last episode airs on my Alien Beer Podcast; on the same day, the paperback and Kindle editions drop as well. Click the image to pre-order the Kindle version right now, if you want!

Alien Beer – Rosedale Pub – Genius Loci

Rosedale is a pub between the worlds, a liminal place where travelers from anywhere in the multiverse may rest and mingle. The Road outside, as Bilbo Baggins knows, can go anywhere, and you have to be careful when you set your feet upon it, because who knows where you’ll end up. Only thing for sure … Continue reading

Alien Beer – Ch 23 – The Multiverse Blues – I’m a Steady Rollin’ Man

This episode of The Multiverse Blues tells the story of the Arch Authority catching up to Hope’s Tour, some difficult decisions, and the beginning of what comes next. Goodbyes are hard for me.  As I write this introduction, I’ve gotten a bit ahead on the writing for The Multiverse Blues. I am about to … Continue reading

Alien Beer – Ch 22 – The Multiverse Blues – Terraplane Blues

This week on The Multiverse Blues: Jules and the crew of Hope’s Tour make bold plans to get from the world of League, across the neighboring dimension of Arne, to end up at their destination: Erde, Harlan’s steampunk homeworld. A very central character of The Multiverse Blues is Hope, the delphine diva from another … Continue reading

Alien Beer – Ch 20 – The Multiverse Blues – If I Had Possession Over Judgement Day

Last time on the Multiverse Blues. Jules escaped capture, leaping through a portal that landed them in their home universe of Beta Earth. Seeking safety for baby Lucy, they find themselves in a heated confrontation. Before I begin, I’d like to give you a bit of trivia. “The Dionnes” that Jules and friends talk … Continue reading

Alien Beer – Ch 18 – The Multiverse Blues – Milkcow’s Calf Blues

Last time on The Multiverse Blues. Jules finds themself in a boat with a new friend, in yet another Earth. Only this Earth seems to not be linked into the Arch Network, so there’s no obvious way for them to return. Before I begin this episode, I’d like to let you know that the … Continue reading

A new playlist for fans of The Multiverse Blues!

My science fiction serial, The Multiverse Blues, is a story full of music. The chapter titles are each a title of a Robert Johnson song. The main character is a roadie as a part of an inter-dimensional touring band, and the songs that they play are featured as part of the story. So, I thought … Continue reading

Ch 3. The Multiverse Blues – Stones in My Passway

Jules meets the other members of the interdimensional rock star’s crew; stage manager Harlan, general manager Marcy Davenport, drummer Dribbler, bass and backup singer Babs, and enchanting alien singing sensation Hope herself. Just about to pass through the Arch to Gamma Earth, Jules and the crew are stopped for inspection by Beta Earth’s dreaded TSA. … Continue reading