Alien Beer – Ch 21- The Multiverse Blues – Kind-Hearted Woman

I enjoy writing episodes of The Multiverse Blues much more when Jules is with the rest of the crew. Which is why I’m pleased to tell you that they rejoin Hope’s Tour in this episode, swapping stories and making plans.

A common theme in many of my stories is the concept of “found family”. I only found out recently that it’s often a feature of The Heroine’s Journey. It turns out, many of my novels follow The Heroine’s Journey. Jules wouldn’t care whether you called them a Hero or Heroine, their only disagreement might be with whether they’re actually heroic. Impostor syndrome is a thing, and anyone who knows me will understand that the heroes of my stories often feel less than heroic; and that comes from an honest source.

Speaking of the Heroine’s Journey and found family, I have just released the Kindle ebook of my new novel, Trans Witch: College of Secrets. The paperback edition is due out any day now is available now at Amazon and Barnes and Noble! It’s a story about a wizard school for the rest of us. You can guess for yourself what that means.

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