Girl in the Gears

Trans-Continental: Girl in the GearsTrans-Continental: Girl in the Gears

Among the works on the James Tiptree Jr. Literary Award 2015 “Long List”.

Actress Ida Stillwell may have been born her father’s son, but she rejected the role society cast her in. With the North American Republics on the brink of war, Ida flees her home and joins a carnival to pursue her dreams.

There she meets tomboy steam engine mechanic Duffy Hollowood. Though they become fast friends, Duffy has her own secrets. As their troubled pasts catch up with them, will Ida and Duffy make an escape together, or will they take their chances alone?

“What do you get when you cross Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid with Thelma and Louise? Our heroines, Ida and Duffy. They put the ‘team’ back in ‘Steampunk’.”Moxie Anne Magnus

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Girl in the Gears in Paperback for $7.95 (plus kindle ebook FREE)

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“Extremely imaginative setting, expressive dialogue, and delivers both a great action adventure with a heavy boxing glove and an important message with a velvet one.” — Hancock’s Bullets

“This one was very well-written and full to the brim with ingenuity, fun and suspense. These two characters were like trouble-making, feminine MacGyvers I could not help but love.” — Bitten By Books


An Interview with E. Chris Garrison: Steampunk Author!

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