The Trouble With Moxie – A very Star Trek Whiteboard Wednesday @MoxieMagnus

The Trouble With Moxie

Moxie Anne Magnus, Chief Cosmetology Officer of the USS Enterprise, enjoying her visit to K-7 Station.

My dear friend Moxie had a birthday this week*, and I drew this for the occasion to commemorate her recent shore leave fun on K-7 Station.

Moxie was kind enough to encourage me with Girl in the Gears, and gave me the best blurb ever for it:

“What do you get when you cross Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid with Thelma and Louise? Our heroines, Ida and Duffy. They put the ‘team’ back in ‘Steampunk’.”

– Moxie Anne Magnus

So, Happy Birthday, Moxie! If you haven’t met Moxie, you should check out her web page or do what you can to meet her at one of her many convention or stage appearances:

* Though with a time traveller like Moxie, that can be a difficult concept.

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