The Seven Levels of Skye!


Danse Macabre Skye by Nell Williams

In my Bitten by Books interview, Sheila Deeth asked a great question:

Loved the interview! And I like how you describe Skye’s 3 levels. I remember reading once, long ago and I’ve no idea where, that there were 7 levels of consciousness. If you had to come up with seven levels (real world, computer world, fae…) what would you add?

My answer:
What a great question! And a tough one!

The Seven Levels of Skye:

1) Physical. Skye’s body and clothing. She’s tall, not especially strong or weak, wears feminine outfits, and is often under the influence of alcohol.
2) Perceptions. We see the world through Skye’s senses, which are often not clear due to alcohol, or due to perceptions of different worlds overlaid.
3) Social. Skye’s REAL superpower is that she’s beloved by friends despite her many flaws. She’s got a great support network, and she brings people together with her awkward charisma.
4) Real World. Skye lives in Indianapolis, and starts off with a job, and lives with Stuart. These environments shift and change around her, and she has to adjust.
5) Cyberspace. She’s somewhat involved in Stuart’s online game world, and also interacts with friends online, and loves to play the Sims.
6) LARPspace. Skye may be a barista who rides the bus in real life, but she’s royalty in the Vampire Live Action Roleplaying Game she plays with her friends. She shines in this imaginary world.
7) Fairy space. Skye has a foot in this very real magical dimension that exists alongside our own world, and a bit of her soul in the form of Minnie lives there fulltime.

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  1. Yaaaaaay Skye!! Say hi to Mini for me. 🙂

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