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Alien Beer Podcast: Interview With Mariah Powell of Hobbies Include:Writing

This week, we’ll be doing something a little different. I was invited to do a mutual interview with my fellow fiction podcaster, Mariah Powell, who is the host of Hobbies Include: Writing. It turned out our projects have a lot in common, … Continue reading

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Under new management

About half of my catalog of books is currently unavailable, as I’m having to republish my books under my Silly Hat Books imprint, as part of the Speculative Fiction Guild. My Road Ghosts and Tipsy Fairy Tales are mostly unavailable, … Continue reading

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Alien Beer Podcast – Ep. 6 – Moonlight Blossom

A rather personal bit of flash fiction. Looking back, it was foreshadowing about my own imminent transition that would blossom later that year. Written for the Iron Writer Challenge in January 2015, I took on the following elements: Botticelli, a … Continue reading

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Animal Crossing RPG

Last night, my friends and I played the Animal Crossing RPG, a one-page Lasers & Feelings hack. Since I love one page TTRPGs, awhile ago, I wrote my own hack of the L&F system, a monster hunting game called Saving … Continue reading

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Coming soon — The Multiverse Blues — on my Alien Beer science fiction podcast!

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Alien Beer Podcast Bonus 1 – Road Ghosts Audiobook Chapter One

Podcast Bonus: Sample Chapter! This bonus episode is the first chapter of Four ’til Late, the first book in my Road Ghosts series. Except it’s not me reading this time, it’s Sean Duregger, the talented narrator of my Road Ghosts Omnibus audiobook (available … Continue reading

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Wonder Woman Whiteboard Wednesday

My friend, Linda Sullivan, is fighting cancer, and to honor her and give her support, I drew her Wonder Woman. Linda has been my hero by making my Trans-Continental and Tipsy Fairy Tales books better with her sharp editor’s eye. … Continue reading

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Maid of the Mist — Bradbury Challenge 13/52 Whiteboard Wednesday

Hello and welcome to Whiteboard Wednesday! I haven’t managed to live up to Ray Bradbury’s “story a week” challenge, but I’ve managed 13 stories anyway, which is 13 more than I might have had otherwise. So I’m keeping at it. … Continue reading

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Spreading Wings — Bradbury Challenge 12/52 Whiteboard Wednesday

Still behind on the challenge, but making progress with this 12th story, “Spreading Wings”. This one’s about being different, and how being involved with a “different” person can change you.

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Zwordplay.exe — Bradbury Challenge 11/52 Whiteboard Wednesday

I’m a little behind on the weekly story challenge, but I’m especially proud of this latest! I also hope to have another out this week to catch up. This one is an experiment in story form and retro gaming.

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