Trans Witch is DONE!

Trans Witch: 30 days/ 59,301 words!

30 days ago, I set out to write a book about a transgender woman at a wizard college. The idea has undergone a few changes along the way as I’ve learned about my characters and their School of Applied Metaphysics. What started as satire turned into a mystery, and the mystery led my main character on a magical adventure unlike anything I’ve written before.

To tell the truth, Trans Witch isn’t really finished. It’s a rough draft, like any NaNoWriMo novel. This is the 8th novel I’ve produced through my participation in the grueling month-long challenge, and my 10th overall, so I’m quite familiar with all that lies ahead for this latest book.

I’ll leave Trans Witch aside for a week or two to cool and set before I read the whole thing through and make first edits. Then, I’ll recruit beta readers to give me feedback on the plot and characters to see what needs to be tweaked. After all that, I’ll pay my favorite editor to go over it with a magnifying glass (at least that’s how I imagine it) and prepare it for publication. I already have an artist in mind for the actual cover, so I’ll have to negotiate and pay for that part as well.

So, with luck, I hope to publish this newest book sometime this Spring.

Make no mistake, the purpose of this book was originally in reaction to the transphobic screeds posted by the most famous author of wizard school books. Having let me and millions of other fans down, I wanted to roast her with this book. But that’s already been done by Chuck Tingle and his “Trans Wizard Harriet Porber and the Bad Boy Parasaurophus”.

I decided that I wanted my book to be primarily about representation. I knew I was no longer welcome at a certain school for wizards, so I wanted to create a place for all the others who now feel like they can’t go back to that formerly inviting place.

I have high hopes for this book. That is, the hope that the magical world I’ve created feels like home for everyone.

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