Robot Girlfriend – Whiteboard Wednesday #BradburyChallenge 3/52

Two women, one angry, the other reaching out to her. Red and green doors with question marks are behind the second woman.

I wrote a story called “Robot Girlfriend” for week three of the 52 week Bradbury Challenge. This Whiteboard Wednesday depicts the characters Jill and Alice, arguing over whether Jill is a robot or a human.

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The Garden – #bradburychallenge week 2 – Whiteboard Wednesday

A whiteboard drawing of a woman with vines and roses for hair

“The Garden” is my second story in the Bradbury Challenge, in which I write a story (or chapter) each week for a year. This one came from inspiration in my tabletop RPG group’s chat. It’s a story I had to sit down and write immediately.

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Attempting the Ray Bradbury Challenge #BradburyChallenge like @KatFrench


Photo by Alan Light

“Write a short story every week. It’s not possible to write 52 bad short stories in a row.”

– Ray Bradbury

So, my author friend Katina French is doing the “Ray Bradbury Challenge”, that is, to write a story a week, for a year. I am a shameless fangirl of her writing, so naturally I very much approve of this plan.

As for me, I have needed some motivation to get back in a regular writing habit, so I think I’ll give it a try myself. However, since I’ve started working on the third in my Trans-Continental series, I am going to count a chapter as a short story for this purpose. So far I have written just one story, but I have another in mind, and of course, Trans-Continental: Chimera is waiting impatiently for me to get rolling as well.

This post is sort of a declaration of intent, to help hold me to the project. Wish me luck!


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Enid and the Case of the Haunted Parrot — Whiteboard Wednesday

This week’s White Wednesday is based on my latest short story, which isn’t available to the public at this time. I’ll just leave this as a teaser for now.

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Still He Lingered Near… a new Whiteboard Wednesday!

This week’s Whiteboard Wednesday is based on as yet unreleased flash fiction by Katina French (being a beta reader has perks!). What do you suppose is going on in this scene? Comment with your guesses!

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Stevonnie the Defender – Whiteboard Wednesday

Stevonnie the Defender

More Steven Universe fan art! Stevonnie stands their ground against a corrupted flying gem monster.

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Whiteboard Selfie — Whiteboard Wednesday



It’s been awhile since I’ve done a self portrait.

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