My Road Ghosts and Tipsy Fairy Tales books are back!

Road Ghosts Omnibus Edition
Road Ghosts Omnibus

My books are back and for sale again!

Click on one of these covers to see them in the Amazon Kindle Store!

The third Tipsy Fairy Tales book, Mean Spirit, should be out within a few weeks!

Paperbacks will be out later, probably in a month or three.

Blue Spirit Cover
Tipsy Fairy Tales: Blue Spirit
Tipsy Fairy Tales: Restless Spirit
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Under new management

About half of my catalog of books is currently unavailable, as I’m having to republish my books under my Silly Hat Books imprint, as part of the Speculative Fiction Guild.

My Road Ghosts and Tipsy Fairy Tales are mostly unavailable, other than paperbacks bought directly from me, or used online, and I think the audiobooks are still up, and hopefully will be as they are transferred to me.

I’m in process of redoing layout and such to get them back in at least ebook format within a week or two.

Meanwhile, my Trans-Continental series, Alien Beer anthology, and Reality Check are still available, since these are already under Silly Hat Books.

Reality Check is also free as an ebook for the next few days as well, to celebrate 6 months and 1000 downloads of my Alien Beer Podcast. Go get your copy, and maybe leave me a review if you enjoy the book?

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Alien Beer Podcast – Ch 10 – The Multiverse Blues – Love in Vain

Last time on The Multiverse Blues: Hope’s Tour travelled through the Arch linking Gamma Earth to Delta Earth. The crew debated what to do about the recent targeted attacks, and discussed Jules’ mysterious female double from Achse.

Now, as they pass into glitzy Delta Earth, the crew looks forward to staying in a luxury hotel, and a risky scheduled show before making their move to shake pursuit.

I am excited to announce that by the time you hear this, the Alien Beer Podcast will have been downloaded a THOUSAND times! Since this is my 26th episode, that’s nearly FORTY downloads per episode on average! Thank you all so much for listening to me tell my science fiction stories!

As a way to thank you, I have set the Kindle edition of my science fiction novel Reality Check to FREE for the next five days, from July 2nd, 2020 through July 6th, 2020! In addition, I am giving away a signed paperback copy of the book. To enter the drawing, post about the Alien Beer Podcast to social media and take a screenshot and send it to me at ecg at I will roll dice to determine the winner, which I’ll announce on my July 9th episode!

The Multiverse Blues and my Trans-Continental books were spun off of Reality Check, so I think it should be of interest to regular listeners. Even if you miss this promotion, I encourage you to get a copy for yourself.

For a link to the book, and details, go to

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Alien Beer – Special Episode – The Gate

For those of you expecting this week to be an episode of The Multiverse Blues, well, thank you for noticing. I have gotten behind on writing the serial, so this week, I’m giving you a special behind the scenes look at something that’s never before been published, and only read by one or two others before. It is a bit of the attempt I made at writing a sequel to Reality Check, my science fiction novel that my Trans-Continental books and The Multiverse Blues spun off of. If you haven’t read Reality Check, but plan to, I will warn you that this may contain spoilers.

It isn’t the first time I’ve taken something from the stalled Reality Check sequel. Episode 5 of this podcast, The Spark, was also from that false start, and like this episode, was too good to just put in a trunk. It answers a question left hanging at the end of Reality Check, and it shows part of the history of “The Dionnes” and the eventual Arch Network in the Multiverse Blues.

And now, allow me to present for the first time, “The Gate”!

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Alien Beer Podcast – Shelby

The energy for writing can come from many places. Sometimes it’s for the sheer joy of it. Sometimes it’s the adrenaline rush of an external, or self-imposed deadline approaching, other times it’s the siren call of the Muse, demanding that a particular story be written. This one was none of those. I was angry at the world, and I used my writing as outlet for it. I fueled my creativity with fury, and it turned out to also be good therapy at the same time. I wrote it in early 2014, but it didn’t find this final form, and title, until almost a year and a half later.

Content Warning: Loss of agency, bullying, confinement.

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Ch 9 – The Multiverse Blues – Hellhound On My Trail

Following the attacks in Delta Earth, Hope’s Tour beat a hasty retreat through the New Louie Arch, moving on towards Delta Earth. In this episode, the crew looks to Hope for leadership in the face of deadly danger.

Before I begin this particular episode, I want to thank my listeners for following my stories. I would love to hear from you on Twitter or Facebook, especially if you have comments or questions about the road so far. I’d love to know who your favorite characters are, who you might be shipping with each other, and what you’d like to see happen in future episodes.

Our own ‘verse (Beta Earth Prime) has been an extra hard place for everyone since I began this podcast journey in February 2020; I hope my escape to other worlds has helped some of you cope. For me, it’s been a big help to me to have this project as a focus.

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Alien Beer Podcast – Ep. 10 – Nightmare In Frills

For Halloween 2014, I joined a bunch of writer friends in a sort of blog-based celebration of the holiday in an event called the Coffin Hop. I asked for story elements from those friends, and this is what they came up with: Axel Howerton: peanut butter; Lori Michelle: a dead bush; Katie John: Doll’s pram; Julianne Snow: styrofoam plates.

My absolute idol in the flash fiction format is the late Fredric Brown, and his collection of tiny stories, Nightmares and Geezenstacks, served as inspiration for the title and creepy style of this particular story.

Content Warning: Loss of agency.

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Ch 8. The Multiverse Blues – From Four Till Late

The show must go on! After the attack, the crew of Hope’s Tour gives the people of New Louie on Gamma Earth what they came for — a most unusual rock and blues concert!

The Multiverse Blues is a science fiction serial spanning many alternate realities.

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Alien Beer Podcast – Spectral Delivery

“Spectral Delivery” started life in early 2013 as a sample story to serve as introduction to my Road Ghosts Trilogy. Its chronological place in the series is somewhere between the second book, Sinking Down, and the third one, Me and the Devil, but it’s meant to stand alone, and contains no real spoilers. The story is included as a part of The Road Ghosts Omnibus and is read wonderfully in the audiobook by Sean Duregger. I’m not including his reading here on the podcast. If you’d prefer his professional reading over this free “read by the author”, then you’ll have to buy the audiobook. You should anyway, it’s worth it for Sean’s amazing reading of three books and this short story.

It’s told from the point of view of Enid, who’s an outsider to the supernatural adventures of Brett, Gonzo, and their friends, but she ended up charming me enough that I revisited her in “Christmas Special, which is later in the Alien Beer stories series.

P.S. I used to deliver pizzas for a living; the Hey Dudes are real.

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Alien Beer Podcast – Ch 7. The Multiverse Blues – Phonograph Blues

When alien rock star Hope fails to show up for her own concert, Jules must spring into action to find out what’s behind her disappearance; they make a startling discovery.

The Multiverse Blues is a science fiction serial spanning many alternate realities.

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