Blood sisters: Duffy & Ida meet Dracula

Bonus whiteboard, since I was inspired to be silly. Steampunk sweethearts have an unlikely run-in with the legendary vampire but Duffy is not impressed.

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Jinkies! Belated Whiteboard Wednesday!

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Whiteboard Wednesday: Poor Minnie

Minnie and Skye from the Tipsy Fairy Tales

Skye comes to the rescue as Minnie finds herself a little stuck.

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Whiteboard Wednesday: Don’t Go!

It’s been a long while, but I’ve been told that my whiteboard drawings are missed, so I’m going to try to revive Whiteboard Wednesday!

I’m a huge Steven Universe fan, so you’ll probably see characters from that show appear here often enough. Today’s is a sad parting of the adorable couple Ruby and Sapphire. Let’s hope it’s not for long.

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Video Interview with Jorie Loves A Story!

RGO-2018-blog-tourJorie, of Jorie Loves A Story, asked me to do a video interview; she supplied the questions about my Road Ghosts books, and I answered them in a video. Read her wonderful review of my series and see my video at the following link:

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Catching up with the Road Ghosts Blog Tour

RGO-2018-blog-tourLooks like I’m on a whirlwind tour, as I have had a few stops in a short time!

First, I was asked by Sapphyria’s Books to list my top ten “Supernatural” TV episodes. I love that show, so the tough part of that assignment was paring the list down to only 10:

Next, at Book in the Bag, I’m interviewed for their Writer Wednesday feature!

Finally, at Sheila’s Reviews, I had a bit of fun. When authors talk about their characters, they can sound like they’re talking about real people. In this guest blog post, I sit down and have a couple of beers with the main characters of the Road Ghosts Trilogy. And they have awkward questions for me:

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Review: Jorie Loves a Story

RGO-2018-blog-tourNext up on my Road Ghosts blog tour: Jorie Loves a Story! Full disclosure, Jorie and I became friends years ago, partly over a disagreement in how we view vulgarity. And I’ll be the first to admit, the Road Ghosts books contain a lot of swearing.  I wil also admit that this discussion with Jorie did change my mind a bit, and I have considered the audience a bit in my choices for dialogue since then.

Anyway, Jorie does give my books a thorough and enthusiastic review, for which I’m very thankful. I hope you enjoy what she has to say about the Road Ghosts as much as I did!

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