Zwordplay.exe — Bradbury Challenge 11/52 Whiteboard Wednesday

I’m a little behind on the weekly story challenge, but I’m especially proud of this latest! I also hope to have another out this week to catch up. This one is an experiment in story form and retro gaming.

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Friends in Space — Bradbury Challenge 10/52 — Whiteboard Wednesday

Three aliens stand in front of a wall of televisions.

“Friends in Space” is my 10th Bradbury Challenge story of my year of weekly short story writing. This one is my take on the Fermi Paradox, and the more I think about it, the more I’m convinced that this is the answer to the question, “where is everybody?” regarding other intelligent life in the universe.

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The Dragon’s Favor

The Oak Knight comes eye to eye with the World Dragon

“The Dragon’s Favor” is my 8th (of 52) Bradbury Challenge stories! This is my attempt to draw a moment from the story for (belated) Whiteboard Wednesday.

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Ride Kyng — Bradbury Challenge 7/52 — Whiteboard Wednesday

“Ride Kyng” is my 7th Bradbury Challenge story. Enid returns, in a bit of roadside distress. She runs into someone she’d rather not have, and things turn out very differently than she expects.

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The Secret Castle – #BradburyChallenge 5/52 – Whiteboard Wednesday

A green girl appears to walk through a glowing orange door in a forest.

This week, I was inspired to write a story about Augmented Reality, in the form of a VR Pokemon-Go-like fantasy game. The characters discover a special Easter egg and get to know the person behind each other’s avatar.

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Fake News – Bradbury Challenge 4/52 – Whiteboard Wednesday

A cruise ship sails close to the Antarctic ice shelf, illuminated by the Aurora Australis while the International Space Station passes overhead

My latest Bradbury Challenge story is ripped from today’s headlines. An expedition of Flat Earthers takes a cruise to see the “Antarctic ice wall barrier” to “prove” the world is flat. My story is from the point of view of a rather skeptical teenage daughter of a couple of the Flat Earthers.

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The Excellence You Swear You Cannot See

I’ve been honored by a mention by the wonderful Lucy Blue, in this post of hers about diversity in writing.

Lucy Blue Writes

nicole's bookThe Romance Writers of America has released the names of the nominees for their yearly RITA Awards, and, you guessed it, they’re about as diverse as a glass of milk beside a plate of sugar cookies with white chocolate chips. So all of us writing and publishing types have taken to the Facebooks and beyond one more time to discuss the diversity problem. Even among those of us nice white cis straight folks who have stopped twitching every time we admit it exists, there’s a lot of panic, anger, and confusion when we start trying to decide what to do about it.

Like most of the RITA nominees, I’m a middle-aged straight cis white woman who writes books. In my current romance WIP, the heroine is Persian. In the Southern gothic I finished earlier this year, the protagonist is a Black woman. In the next book I’m scheduled to write…

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