Wonder Woman Whiteboard Wednesday

Whiteboard Wonder Woman for Linda

My friend, Linda Sullivan, is fighting cancer, and to honor her and give her support, I drew her Wonder Woman. Linda has been my hero by making my Trans-Continental and Tipsy Fairy Tales books better with her sharp editor’s eye.

So here’s to Linda, may she fight like a superhero. đź’ś

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NEW! Audiobook for Trans-Continental: Mississippi Queen released!

I am proud to announce that the audiobook for my transgender steampunk novel, Trans-Continental: Mississippi Queen is now available on Audible, Amazon, and iTunes! Angel Clark did an amazing job bringing my characters to life in her narration of the book!

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Saving People / Hunting Things – a tiny monster-hunting RPG (hack of Lasers & Feelings)

Saving People / Hunting Things

I made a tabletop role-playing game!

Saving People / Hunting Things is Inspired by The Unexplored Places Podcast run of Oh Dang, Bigfoot Stole My Car, With My Friend’s Birthday Present Inside, I made my own monster-hunting RPG, also based on Lasers & Feelings. It is free (with suggested donation of $1 if you’re feeling generous).

I’ve had the goal of making a one-page RPG since 1994, when I created my Free RPGs Compendium. I have made a few small generic rules engines that fit that description, but this one is essentially complete, and playable anywhere, anytime.

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Blue Spirit Audiobook Released!

Blue Spirit Audiobook Cover

The first in my Tipsy Fairy Tales, Blue Spirit, is now available in audiobook format! Narrated by Stephanie Estes, I am beyond pleased with how this came out.


Get it here:


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Maid of the Mist — Bradbury Challenge 13/52 Whiteboard Wednesday

Two women, one made of rainbows, lean in to kiss. A waterfall is in the background.

Hello and welcome to Whiteboard Wednesday! I haven’t managed to live up to Ray Bradbury’s “story a week” challenge, but I’ve managed 13 stories anyway, which is 13 more than I might have had otherwise. So I’m keeping at it.

“Maid of the Mist” is another one of my queer fantasy romance flash stories. It’s short but sweet, and magical too.

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Spreading Wings — Bradbury Challenge 12/52 Whiteboard Wednesday

A sad-looking orange-haired woman in a red dress with wide blue wings.

Still behind on the challenge, but making progress with this 12th story, “Spreading Wings”. This one’s about being different, and how being involved with a “different” person can change you.

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Zwordplay.exe — Bradbury Challenge 11/52 Whiteboard Wednesday

I’m a little behind on the weekly story challenge, but I’m especially proud of this latest! I also hope to have another out this week to catch up. This one is an experiment in story form and retro gaming.

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