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Born This Fae is in the Kindle Store!

Born This Fae! An adventure where destiny ignites, and ordinary lives transform forever Welcome to Becca’s Book Cellar! Here, the QUILTBAG book club, a group of LGBTQ+ friends, discovers their latent fae blood has bestowed them with extraordinary powers. As … Continue reading

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Fairy Dust – Whiteboard Wednesday

This one has nothing much to do with my books, it’s just me being fanciful. Oh, it could be one of Minnie’s friends in the Tipsy Fairy Tales, though the fairies there tend to be more of the Grimm variety. … Continue reading

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Whiteboard Wednesday: Blue Spirit Twig People!

Happy Whiteboard Wednesday everyone! Join the twig people as they jam to a soda can beat behind the coffee shop! These tiny Groots make an appearance in Blue Spirit, which is due out later this year through Seventh Star Press.

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