The Garden – #bradburychallenge week 2 – Whiteboard Wednesday

A whiteboard drawing of a woman with vines and roses for hair

“The Garden” is my second story in the Bradbury Challenge, in which I write a story (or chapter) each week for a year. This one came from inspiration in my tabletop RPG group’s chat. It’s a story I had to sit down and write immediately.

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Attempting the Ray Bradbury Challenge #BradburyChallenge like @KatFrench


Photo by Alan Light

“Write a short story every week. It’s not possible to write 52 bad short stories in a row.”

– Ray Bradbury

So, my author friend Katina French is doing the “Ray Bradbury Challenge”, that is, to write a story a week, for a year. I am a shameless fangirl of her writing, so naturally I very much approve of this plan.

As for me, I have needed some motivation to get back in a regular writing habit, so I think I’ll give it a try myself. However, since I’ve started working on the third in my Trans-Continental series, I am going to count a chapter as a short story for this purpose. So far I have written just one story, but I have another in mind, and of course, Trans-Continental: Chimera is waiting impatiently for me to get rolling as well.

This post is sort of a declaration of intent, to help hold me to the project. Wish me luck!


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Enid and the Case of the Haunted Parrot — Whiteboard Wednesday

This week’s White Wednesday is based on my latest short story, which isn’t available to the public at this time. I’ll just leave this as a teaser for now.

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Still He Lingered Near… a new Whiteboard Wednesday!

This week’s Whiteboard Wednesday is based on as yet unreleased flash fiction by Katina French (being a beta reader has perks!). What do you suppose is going on in this scene? Comment with your guesses!

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Stevonnie the Defender – Whiteboard Wednesday

Stevonnie the Defender

More Steven Universe fan art! Stevonnie stands their ground against a corrupted flying gem monster.

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Whiteboard Selfie — Whiteboard Wednesday



It’s been awhile since I’ve done a self portrait.

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Fairy Dust – Whiteboard Wednesday

This one has nothing much to do with my books, it’s just me being fanciful. Oh, it could be one of Minnie’s friends in the Tipsy Fairy Tales, though the fairies there tend to be more of the Grimm variety. And yeah, the imagery is more appropriate for Spring than Fall, but I wanted to portray some hope, to counter some bleak times recently.


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