The Multiverse Blues Returns this Thursday (Jan 7th)!

Inter-dimensional Diva, Hope

The wait is nearly over, fans of The Multiverse Blues! After almost two months’ hiatus, my dimension-hopping science fiction serial returns to the Alien Beer Podcast this Thursday at the usual broadcast time, 8:01am EDT!

I took time off to write my upcoming novel, Trans Witch, and to recharge my creative batteries, but today I’ve written a new chapter for our non-binary hero, Jules, who’s off to yet another new parallel universe, for more adventure.

It was tough to get back into the groove, but I’m excited to resume the story! Look for new episodes every other week until the story is done.

Do you have a favorite character in The Multiverse Blues? Do you have any questions about the story? Please feel free to post comments or send me a message directly!

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Author. Brewer. Gamer. Geek. Trans.
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