Alien Beer – Ch 17 – The Multiverse Blues – Stop Breakin’ Down Blues

Previously on the Multiverse Blues. Jules and company fled the Harmony theatre in Delta Earth’s Chicago, through a disused Arch Gate, with Arch Authority guards hot on their heels – in an armored vehicle. Jules discovered Delta Jules stowed away and causing mayhem, and both of them fell off La Esperanza, under fire. Jules made a hasty escape through a random rip in reality, to an unknown world…

Well, we made it. Yup, the terrible year that was 2020 is over now. I started this podcast before Covid-19 was even a worry, back in February. The rest of the year, reading my stories to you was a lifeline that made me feel just a little more connected to the world outside my house.

And then, in October, I needed a break from The Multiverse Blues. I had a few personal disasters, some of which continue to cause me daily difficulty even now. But in November, I wrote a whole novel, one that tells the story of a transgender woman discovering a magical college, as well as her own magic, as she searches for her missing partner.

And yes, I wrote that because a certain author of a certain franchise broke my heart, making me feel like I’d never be welcome in a certain magical school I used to love. I wrote a story where everyone who was disenfranchised by that other author can feel welcome.

Anyway, the Alien Beer Podcast is back for 2021, and I’m kicking off the year with a brand-new chapter of The Multiverse Blues. Going forward, I hope to have a new chapter for you every other week until the story is done. After that? Who knows. If you have any questions or comments about this podcast, or The Multiverse Blues, please leave me comments on social media, or send me email at

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