The Transit King’s Holiday Ryde! (a Whiteboard Wednesday poem)

The Transit King’s new job!

The Transit King’s Holiday Ryde

Twas Festivus Time in the city;
all the buildings dressed up pretty.
Last minute shoppers run to and fro
But some have further to go.

To the rescue leaps T.K. Bask.
“Who is he?” you may ask.
Why, he’s the ole Transit King,
trying out a brand new thing!

Once he rode the bus lines by day;
but this fairy lord’s gone astray.
A new idea came with a snap
now you can summon him with an app!

The old gnome still trades in favors;
wishes granted in many flavors.
Take care what you say in his SUV
or ye may owe him a thing or three!

If all looks dark, an’ yer feelin’ despair,
just click on the Ryde Kyng rideshare!
So, when you’re at the end of yer rope,
Bask the Transit King brings ye hope!

About ecgarrison

Author. Brewer. Gamer. Geek. Trans.
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