Alien Beer Podcast – Christmas Special

Well, here it is, my wonderful listeners:

The End

This is the last story in my Alien Beer and Other Stories collection.

I’m going to be totally transparent with you: I’m not sure where I’ll go from here.

One thing is certain: I will continue The Multiverse Blues, reading each chapter to you here on the Alien Beer Podcast.

Once that’s done? I’m not sure. I have some other stories I could read. I could start a new serial. I could write a new series of short stories just for the podcast.

As I said last time, I do plan to continue the every-other-week format for new episodes.

I might have special interstitial episodes as well, but those will be bonuses.

This episode is also the last installment of the Alien Beer Podcast for 2020. It’s been a wild year. It’s been rough. Very rough. Working on this podcast, which I started BEFORE the pandemic began in the US, has helped me hang on during dark times of isolation and fear. I didn’t know if anyone would listen. I’ve been pleasantly surprised: as of this recording, episodes of this podcast have been downloaded two thousand, two hundred, and forty-eight times.


Thank you for listening. We’ll see what happens in 2021.

Please: take care of yourself and be kind to others.


I’m a founding member of an author co-op called the Speculative Fiction Guild. In 2014, we put together an anthology of speculative short stories related to any of the winter holidays. The profits for that anthology went to benefit Indy Reads, an Indianapolis literacy charity. For this tie-in to my Road Ghosts and Tipsy Fairy Tales books, I channeled my childhood years watching Rankin & Bass holiday specials. I tried having various main characters, but eventually brought back Enid from “Spectral Delivery” as its star. It takes place after Mean Spirit, for those who want to know.

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