Last day to get Girl in the Gears to benefit Trans Lifeline charity! @translifeline


Trans-Continental: Girl in the Gears ranking at #58 in LGBT Science Fiction overnight.

moonie-gitgI made a call out yesterday, since today is the last day for my pledge to donate all proceeds of June sales of my “trans-steampunk” adventure book, Girl in the Gears, to the Trans Lifeline suicide prevention hotline. Overnight, the Kindle edition made it to #58 in LGBT Science Fiction & Fantasy! It has been in the top 10 before, but I will take any positive ranking as Trans_Lifelinewe come down to the wire.

Tomorrow, I’ll announce the grand total raised. If you want to help out, you can buy a paperback or ebook, but if you get the paperback, the ebook comes with it for free. For now.

But if you’re not interested in my book, please consider donating to Trans Lifeline anyway:

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