Whiteboard Wednesday: All Aboard the Steamship Marie Curie! (plus Trans-Continental news!) #steampunk

The Marie Curie

Ida, Duffy, and a couple of other characters find intrigue aboard the steamboat Marie Curie.

I can’t claim #amwriting this week, unless you count research and planning as writing. And you should never* count those as writing, because they don’t contribute directly to wordcount, and they can often delay a project. However, I’m pleased with how my concept for Trans Continental, Episode 2: Mississippi Queen is shaping up.

In other news, I am looking into making an audiobook version of Girl in the Gears, I’ll post more when I know something. SO EXCITED!

* Technically, I wrote down notes, so that’s writing. And never listen when writers advise “never do this”, it’s sensationalist bull that works for one writer, not all.

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