Buy a book, help the Transgender Lifeline, save transgender lives.

For its launch month of June, I’ve decided to donate all online profits of my book, Trans-Continental: Girl in the Gears, to the Trans Lifeline.


Last year, I was moved by the Transgender Day of Remembrance to out myself as transgender to help with trans visibility, and to be a positive ambassador for trans folks.

I was also moved to write a steampunk book with a transgender main character because trans stories are mostly being told by non-trans people, and many of those stories either portrays us as victims or sexual objects. So, in Ida, I have a transgender heroine in the type of story I would like to read.

Girl in the Gears was #9 best seller in LGBT Science Fiction and #51 in Steampunk on Amazon on the day I announced pre-orders, and launched yesterday and ranked #8 in LGBT Science Fiction and #34 in steampunk. All of the money from the sales that got it there is going to the Trans Lifeline.

Please share this around if you’d like to help. And if you’re not interested in my book, please do give directly to the Trans Lifeline. They’re a good organization, and they need help.

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