Alien Beer – Ch 25 – The Multiverse Blues – Come On In My Kitchen

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This is the second to last chapter of The Multiverse Blues. The heat is on, and Jules and their friends are going to have to think fast and use their heads and hearts to figure it all out.

In the penultimate chapter of The Multiverse Blues, Dionne and Lee help Jules rescue Tristellians enslaved by the Arch Authority, using a method unique to Hope’s Tour.

I began The Multiverse Blues as a serial, with only a vague notion of where it would end up. I can own up to not being much of a planner when it comes to writing novellas and novels. I come up with a concept, some characters, a goal, and just start writing. After awhile, patterns emerge, and I’ll come up with plot points that definitely need to happen before the end of the story. Often, I’ll arrange these in order and end up with a more organized plan, and that plan becomes more and more like an outline the closer I get to the end of the story.

This was my method with The Multiverse Blues as well, but I played it a lot looser than usual until the very end. Writing this story has been exciting for me, because I often didn’t know how things would turn out until I wrote them. And sometimes I left myself really tough situations to work out for next time. But one advantage of taking a year to write this story, one chapter every couple of weeks, is that I had a lot of time to think about what came next.

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