Alien Beer Podcast: Ch 5. The Multiverse Blues – I Believe I’ll Dust My Broom

This episode finds Jules and the others in Hope’s crew scrambling after an unexpected turn of events with Smiley and his men, and then on to New Louie for their concert in the Gamma ‘verse.

When I started The Multiverse Blues serial, I made sure I had at least a couple of episodes written and recorded before they aired, giving me a cushion of time to work on the next episodes so I wouldn’t fall behind. Given the current situation of pandemic lockdown, you’d think I’d have even more time to get ahead of things, right? Wrong. I’ve been working my day job from home, so the only extra time I’ve gotten has been from not commuting, and not socializing, other than the occasional Zoom meetup. When I’ve had downtime, I’ve found myself sapped of energy, not feeling as creative as I needed to be.

So, this episode is a bit fresher than usual, having been written and recorded within a week of broadcast. I have the next one started, at least, along with plans for where it’s going after that.

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