Animal Crossing RPG

Last night, my friends and I played the Animal Crossing RPG, a one-page Lasers & Feelings hack. Since I love one page TTRPGs, awhile ago, I wrote my own hack of the L&F system, a monster hunting game called Saving People / Hunting Things. To say that these games are different is a vast understatement. Mine’s about mystery, horror, and action, while Animal Crossing RPG is idyllic and peaceful. This shows the powerful flexibility of the Lasers & Feelings RPG engine.

I GMed this game for some of my gaming group over Discord last night, and we all had fun. TBH I think the players had more fun coming up with their characters than anything else. Unfortunately, the game was interrupted by a nasty thunderstorm and tornado watch (half of us lost power), so we didn’t find out if the characters would be able to deliver Pecan’s antique chest across town and over the brook to Kicks.

Even still, it was a perfect diversion during the pandemic lockdown, a nice, calm setting for escape.

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