Alien Beer Podcast – Ch 10 – The Multiverse Blues – Love in Vain

Last time on The Multiverse Blues: Hope’s Tour travelled through the Arch linking Gamma Earth to Delta Earth. The crew debated what to do about the recent targeted attacks, and discussed Jules’ mysterious female double from Achse.

Now, as they pass into glitzy Delta Earth, the crew looks forward to staying in a luxury hotel, and a risky scheduled show before making their move to shake pursuit.

I am excited to announce that by the time you hear this, the Alien Beer Podcast will have been downloaded a THOUSAND times! Since this is my 26th episode, that’s nearly FORTY downloads per episode on average! Thank you all so much for listening to me tell my science fiction stories!

As a way to thank you, I have set the Kindle edition of my science fiction novel Reality Check to FREE for the next five days, from July 2nd, 2020 through July 6th, 2020! In addition, I am giving away a signed paperback copy of the book. To enter the drawing, post about the Alien Beer Podcast to social media and take a screenshot and send it to me at ecg at I will roll dice to determine the winner, which I’ll announce on my July 9th episode!

The Multiverse Blues and my Trans-Continental books were spun off of Reality Check, so I think it should be of interest to regular listeners. Even if you miss this promotion, I encourage you to get a copy for yourself.

For a link to the book, and details, go to

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