Ch 9 – The Multiverse Blues – Hellhound On My Trail

Following the attacks in Delta Earth, Hope’s Tour beat a hasty retreat through the New Louie Arch, moving on towards Delta Earth. In this episode, the crew looks to Hope for leadership in the face of deadly danger.

Before I begin this particular episode, I want to thank my listeners for following my stories. I would love to hear from you on Twitter or Facebook, especially if you have comments or questions about the road so far. I’d love to know who your favorite characters are, who you might be shipping with each other, and what you’d like to see happen in future episodes.

Our own ‘verse (Beta Earth Prime) has been an extra hard place for everyone since I began this podcast journey in February 2020; I hope my escape to other worlds has helped some of you cope. For me, it’s been a big help to me to have this project as a focus.

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Author. Brewer. Gamer. Geek. Trans.
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