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My Books at InConJunction

Whew, InConJunction was an exhausting lot of fun this year! My wife and I stayed in the hotel so we could more easily enjoy the nightlife and choose to do our own thing here and there.

The con suffered a bit this year from the unfortunate scheduling of a horror convention across town (did they know InCon has been on the July 4th weekend for over 30 years?), but it was still a good time.

Highlights for me included:

  • Five Year Mission! OMG what an amazing band this is!  I thought they’d just be a nerdy novelty act, but they have high energy, they have depth, and they have Star Trek!  I beg you to check out their website and watch the videos to go with their music.  I’m going to see them again this Saturday! By far, this was the best thing I attended at InCon this year.
  • Room parties!  I made sure to make it to one of my friend’s sprawling room parties this year.  Friday night’s was relaxed and I had many good conversations and many adult beverages and somehow managed not to make an ass of myself.  Saturday night was their Cannibal Luau party (they had many jello shots molded into brain or body part shapes, leis and other tropical trappings).  This was also a good time.  I attempted to explore the strange new world of Barfleet, but despite taking up three rooms, it was still far too crowded for my comfort, so I didn’t stick around.
  • Pub Trivia!  Lou Harry put on another excellent hour (and a bit) of fun puzzlers.  My team, Spontaneous Combustion, came out ahead in the end (okay, we were second to last, but that’s ahead of someone, right?) and we took home random prizes that the better teams didn’t want.
  • Masquerade!  The costume contest had a range of costumes, from lame but spirited to brilliant and original.  The judges and host kept things moving along quickly and made it entertaining for everyone.
  • Creators’ Alley!  Despite being tucked away and hard to find, this suite of authors and artists was a nice quiet place to chit chat and check out what’s new out there.  I also got Five Year Mission merch there.  (did I mention I like them?)

I also made some sales and did some promotion of my books in the Dealer Room at my sis-in-law’s booth.  It was fun getting to chat with shoppers who wandered by, and to browse the other dealers’ wares as well.

The best part of InCon though, is getting to spend time with old friends and make new ones, and I’m happy to say I got to do both.

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