Author Updates!

Here’s what I’m working on these days:

IHW Retreat – This was my second year hanging out with the Indiana Horror Writers for a weekend of socializing, industry gossip, and fantastic out loud readings of fiction of lush and wild variety.  And beer.  And lasagna.  Mmmm…  Last year was my first invitation, and I mark it as a turning point in how I viewed my writing.  It was at that event last year that I decided my next goal was to become published, and not just self-published.  Since then, I’ve had two stories published and have signed a contract for the third to be published in an upcoming issue of a prestigious magazine.  I’m dying to tell you about that one, but until it’s in print, I’m leery of giving out details!  So, this year, I’m taking stock of my writing and my ambitions once more… my goal is to publish a novel this year.  Which leads me to…

Reality Check – I have completed a draft of my dimension-hopping science fiction adventure novel, and have begun fine-tuning plot and character issues, and when those are done, I’ll start working on language and polishing.  My other four novels are self-published, but I’ve held Reality Check back to work on it, intending to pitch it to various publishers.  Wish me luck!

Nindy Short Story Writing Week – Since National Novel Writing Month is over, the local Indianapolis region (nicknamed Nindy) has decided to keep meeting throughout the year to encourage each other to keep writing.  An idea of mine has caught on, and at the moment, we are in the middle of an experiment… 20+ people in the group (maybe more than showed up to the meeting, too?) are writing short stories of 3,000 – 5,000 words in length.  I’ve got mine written… it’s a psychological fantasy story called “Personal Space”.  I’m working on editing that as well, and plan to read it out loud at the wrap up party on Sunday.  The Nindy group really likes parties!

I hope to have more good news to post here soon!

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