Blue Spirit Giveaway

So, as part of Red Tash’s Hoosier Horror Blog Hop, I’ve decided to try the Goodreads giveaway program for my book, Blue Spirit.  It’s simple, you just log into Goodreads account and click on a book in the giveaways section you’d like to win, to be sent to you for free.

Here’s mine:

Blue Spirit Giveaway on Goodreads!

So far, there are already 44 people interested in this giveaway!  If you sign up to win it, please check the “to read” box to give my book a little bump.

The book follows the adventures of Skye McLeod, a girl with Second Sight – she can see into a dark spirit world, but only when tipsy. Starbucks barista by day, vampire roleplayer by night, Skye finds she must protect her friends from very real dangers lurking on the other side of shadows.

If you want to find out more about the book, get a free sample of it, or heck, go crazy and blow $2.99 to have your very own Kindle copy, check out the Amazon Blue Spirit listing!

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