Addie J. King Interview

In the tradition of the Next Big Thing blog tagging that’s been going on, fantasy author Addie J. King asked me if I’d like to participate.  I told her thank you, I had already done it, but she decided to do me the honor of linking to what I’d written for it a couple of weeks ago.  Please allow me to introduce you to her.

Addie and I met on a panel she was running on Modern Fairy Tales at Context in 2012.  We discussed the topic as panelists along with Guest of Honor L.E. Modesitt, Jr.  It was a great talk, and Addie ran the panel with professional charm.  Her book, The Grimm Legacy, is on my to-read list for sure, since we share an interest in updating fairy tales to the modern world.

Without further ado, please click the link and read Addie talking about her own “next big thing” in her own words!

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