The Iron Writer Summer Open

The Iron Writer Summer Open

See this sunny image? It’s the prize I have my eyes on.


A few months back, I won the weekly Iron Writer Challenge with my story, Killer Cure. Because of that, I’ve been invited back for the Summer Open, the prize is bragging rights as the Solstice Winner.

This morning, 4 elements arrived in my email box. I have 4 days to write exactly 500 words. I’m in a bracket of 4 writers, and there are 4 brackets. If I win this one, I go on to compete against the other winners. If I win, I get to claim bragging rights.

I hope you’ll join me, cheer me on, and vote for the best story next week. Victory will be mine. Oh yes, it will be mine.


p.s. You too, can compete in one of the weekly challenges, go sign up today!

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