Something bloggy this way comes…

ghost-TVI’m cooking up some blog posts behind the scenes for my upcoming Four ’til Late Blog Tour! There will be reviews of the book, interviews with me, and original blog posts. I’m in the process of writing those now, I’ve got two down and a bunch more to go. *

A couple of them will be character interviews, that is, me picking a character from Four ’til Late and asking them interview questions. Yes, I know it’s a bit like a ventriloquist having a conversation with his dummy, but it’ll be fun! What characters would YOU like to hear more from, if you’ve read the book?

I’ve also been given some open-ended blog assignments… do you have burning questions you’d like me to talk about?

* Are you a book blogger? Would you like to host a stop on the Four ’til Late Blog Tour September 23-29th? Drop me a note and let me know and I’ll put you in touch with my publisher.

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