Whiteboard Wednesday #3!

Whiteboard Wednesday #3!

Late in Reality Check, Lee/Leah leaps on the back of a Smart-Car-sized robotic Scorp, wielding a welding torch.

My silly whiteboard sketches have been amusing some folks, so I thought I’d share. I have a new feature called Whiteboard Wednesdays, where I show off these dry-erase masterpieces. Click on the picture to go to my Facebook album for these if you want to see the other two I’ve posted so far.

Of course you would have seen this already if you had “liked” my Facebook page! I have a new link on the right hand side of this blog to do just that, or you can like the page when you check out the drawings.

My whiteboard sketches started out as a way to show what I’m thinking to artists I work with for cover and promotional art for my books. They’re meant to be rough ideas, and they’re definitely silly. I hope you think they’re fun too!

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