Tell me your roadtrip terrors!

4tLsnipWhat is the scariest thing that ever happened to you on a roadtrip?

That’s the subject of my Coffin Hop Day 2 contest!  Whoever tells the best scary roadtrip story wins an ebook copy of Four ’til Late!

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8 Responses to Tell me your roadtrip terrors!

  1. afstewart says:

    The scariest thing that ever happened to me on a roadtrip was being trapped in a RV with my parents as a teenager and in danger of dying of boredom.

  2. velouriads says:

    This happened to a friend a bit more than me, but I was there. There were three of us. We were driving east through west Virginia, eventual destination was South Carolina to hook up with friends and then down to an X files convention in Florida. We were taking turns driving, so we could drive straight through. It was the middle of the night and we were in the mountains there. Only the driver was awake. No one around. Eventually there is a car behind us on the expressway. Again Or friend Billy was asleep. So was I. So it looked like little Trisha was driving all alone in the middle of nowhere at 3am. It really wasn’t untoward that there should be little traffic where we were, but it also was equally as mundane that a car might happen upon us on the expressway. She didn’t think anything of it until it starred following just a bit too close for comfort. Nothing too dangerous, just enough to set off her spidy sense. So she’s driving along wondering what gives when the other driver flashes his lights on and off at her, like there’s something wrong and maybe pull over. Then when she doesn’t, the other driver waits a bit and tries for it again. It was when he resorted to using the brights that someone wrote up and thus sat up. Once the other car saw she was not driving alone, it backed off and eventually took the next exit. Trisha and Billy had that bit of fun. I was there bit sleepy through the whole thing lol. The next afternoon they were talking about it on the radio, how people with that MO were trying to pretend they needed help and then rob the drivers and steal their car.

    • ericgarrison says:

      Ack! Real life scary! I’m glad you came out of that okay! Reminds me of another scare…

      My mom was driving my brother and me back from a visit with our aunt in Chicago when I was a teenager in the 80s. It was late and dark because we’d taken a wrong turn. A semi got too close behind mom’s little Dodge Omni and honked and flashed his brights. Mom was scared and so were we. She floored it to get away and the truck eventually backed off.

  3. Michelle Muto says:

    Got lost at night coming off Black Mountain, NC. While I didn’t see anything in particular, it was what we DIDN’T see that was a bit unnerving. Nothing. No house lights. No sets of green eyes looking back at us. No sound. Traveling about 2-3 miles before we finally saw house lights again.

  4. I drove from Chicago to Los Angeles with my boyfriend, and, having grown up in the flat, flat world of the Midwest, I was suddenly confronted with the horror of having to drive through Colorado. Pedal to the metal, trying to get up those huge inclines, I have to say I was terrified. At one point, going through a canyon in Arizona, a huge truck started tailing me, flying along much faster than it should have around the curves of the cliffs. Nothing supernatural, just my terror at losing control at the wheel, or getting run over by a semi. What a trip.

  5. Lori Joyce Parker says:

    I had a service dog for many years. She was trained very well and behaved like the perfect lady. On the return leg of a roadtrip to a college scholarship competition, we stopped at a gas station out side of Charlotte, NC. I was back at the drink coolers, when a loud drunk man came in the store. My dog freaked. She began shoving me towards the door, but on the other side of the store from the man. Eighty pounds is a lot of determined dog, and she put effort behind her bodily expression of “Let’s get the heck out of here!” In the car, my dog is trained to sit in the floor, quietly and calmly. We drove out of the parkinglot with her grawling in the back window. We trusted Gertie’s instincts. I don’t know what would have happened had we stayed, but I doubt I’d have wanted to find out.

  6. ericgarrison says:

    Belatedly, I have picked a winner! All the replies here were excellent scary roadtrip stories, thank you for sharing them. Lori Joyce Parker, I picked yours to win because it had an unexplained element, and nothing is scarier than the unknown. I’ll send you email asking you in what format you want the Four ’til Late ebook. Congratulations!

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