Sinking Down now in Amazon Kindle store!

SinkingDown_WEB-smallerYay! My second Road Ghosts book, Sinking Down, is for sale as an ebook! It was released by Seventh Star Press today!

It’s the story of the Little Ghoul and how her sad, mostly-dead state is a fate others in the Road Ghosts gang may face, too, if they can’t help her in time.

Sinking Down has everything you want in a book:

  • A creepy/cute tween ghoul
  • Road-tripping and fighting with “Uncle Gonzo”
  • A ghost’s-eye-view of Crown Hill Cemetery
  •  A look into Chicago’s drunken vampire gamer community
  • The Haunted Forest
  • Actual ghost hunting techniques in action
  • Lizzie being her badass self
  • The debut of Skye MacLeod

…and as they say, much, much more!

Four 'til LateSinking Down is the Empire Strikes Back of the Road Ghosts Trilogy! Just between you and me, it is my overall favorite story of the three. You can read it by itself, but it’s best read along with the first Road Ghosts book, Four ’til Late!

The third Road Ghosts book, Me and the Devil, is in the works and should be out by Spring of 2014.

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