Sinking Down (Road Ghosts 2) is now in paperback!

SD-JFA-adOkay all of you folks who prefer REAL books over ebooks, now is your chance to be among the first to own a copy of Sinking Down, the second book in my urban fantasy Road Ghosts Trilogy!

What’s that you say? It looks cool, but you want to start at the beginning? I can help you with that, just check out Four ’til Late first!

No, you don’t have to read these in order, they’re written to stand alone (though you’ll get a few spoilers, that can’t be helped).

This is a book that’s all about paranormal adventure. There’s romantic trouble, a loveable (but kinda disgusting) little monster, a ghost, a demon, ghouls, bonding at the pub, a race against time down midwestern highways, a ghosts-eye view of one of the largest cemeteries in the world, vampire wannabes, a Haunted Forest in an unlikely place… It’s an exciting followup, the T2: Judgement Day of the Road Ghosts Trilogy.

And of course, the ebook is still available everywhere!

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