Whiteboard Wednesday: Transit King’s Magic Token For You!

Transit King's Magic Token

“And in exchange for a favor promised, I’ll give ye a bit o’ magic.” He produced a coin, which he pressed into my hand.

I looked at it. In my palm sat a corroded brass coin, its faces weathered almost smooth, except for the word “interurban” curving along the edge on one side.

“It’s a rail token from some of me better days,” he said with sadness, “Hold it and say “pick me up” thrice, and no matter where you be, a ride will come to yer rescue, ta take you anywhere within my domain ye need to go.”

I looked at him, then back at the coin, doubtful.

This is just a design right now, but I hope to have something tangible eventually… Certainly by late November when the first of the Tipsy Fairy Tales, Blue Spirit, is slated to be published by Seventh Star Press!

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2 Responses to Whiteboard Wednesday: Transit King’s Magic Token For You!

  1. “a bit o’ magic” is stuck in me head. I see something more like ” redeemable for a bit o’magic” Transit King

  2. ecgarrison says:

    But the coin itself has magic properties, so TK is correct.

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