#CoffinHop Whiteboard Wednesday: Skye at the Danse Macabre!

Skye at the Danse Macabre

Skye, aka Sofia, The Duchess of the Indianapolis Vampire Court, may only play at being a vampire, but she is still quite dangerous.

Whiteboard Wednesday and Coffin Hop–When worlds collide! I got to thinking about my books, and the only vampires in them are live action roleplayers, vampire wannabees. Skye was first introduced in Sinking Down as a minor character, then went on to be the star of the Tipsy Fairy Tales series (coming soon!). She walks in many worlds, but is most successful in the world of vampire LARPing as Sofia, the Duchess of the Indianapolis Vampire Court.

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3 Responses to #CoffinHop Whiteboard Wednesday: Skye at the Danse Macabre!

  1. Eeeeee! Love this!!

  2. And a’LARPing we will go! Inebriated, if I’m getting the clear picture! đŸ™‚

    • ecgarrison says:

      Yep! Skye is a LARPer but she’s got “second sight” that lets her see into the fairy realm… but only when she’s tipsy. And the dangerous entities there make her *need* to drink a bit to protect her friends. Which also makes her less effective, more reckless… you get the idea. đŸ™‚

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