Whiteboard Wednesday – “Spectral Delivery” a Road Ghosts story!

Spectral Delivery

Today’s Whiteboard Wednesday is inspired by my Road Ghosts story, “Spectral Delivery”. It’s a 6,000 word short introduction to the Road Ghosts world through the eyes of Enid, a King’s Pizza trainee on a scary delivery run with ghost hunter Brett on Valentine’s Day night. “Spectral Delivery” is a spooky/comedic adventure that’s just 99 cents in the Kindle store and does not require that you read any of the other books first.

Enid also appears as the main character in “Christmas Special”, which is part of the Gifts of the Magi: A Speculative Holiday Collection, where she battles a pissed-off teenage Winter Fae named Jacqui on an ill-fated double-decker bus.

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