Ghosts. Demons. Gumbo. Road Trip! My Road Ghosts Trilogy – Four ’til Late on sale for 99 cents today only!

I’m breaking the news to you first! Seventh Star Press is having a spotlight on my Road Ghosts books today, including the 99 cent sale (Kindle, Nook, iBookstore, and Kobo) on Four ’til Late I mentioned in the Subject line.

So hit the road for adventure with Brett, Gonzo, Liz, and Jimbo, and you’ll find strange things along the way: ghosts, a demon, and some really mysterious gumbo.

“Well-timed backstory, well-drawn characters, and genuine scares all come together in a tale that hides wisdom behind its shroud of fog and fury. Join pagan witch, innocent bystander, and friends just looking for music and a well-chilled beer, and enjoy this Halloween tale.” – Sheila Deeth

“So, yeah; this is “horror,” but it’s not like a slasher movie. This is the nerdy/geeky horror with limited blood on the ground, but spooky all the same. The characters read like people, not like imaginary constructs. Come to think of it, maybe you should grab your light saber, instead of those dog treats.” – Lori Parker

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