Paperback edition of Blue Spirit now available!

Blue Spirit CoverWhere are all those book lovers? You know who you are. You say things like, “ebooks? meh, I like REAL books. How they feel in my hands. Don’t you just love the SMELL of real books?” or “they can take away my tangible books when they pry them from my cold, dead, hands!” The ones reposting blogs about how ebooks are on the decline, and that paper books are making a comeback?

I’ve heard you. And I agree, I do love physical books made of paper. No one can revoke that, they don’t need electricity, and the user interface is dead simple.

Wait no longer, my bookworm friends, because Blue Spirit, a Tipsy Fairy Tale is now out in glorious trade paperback! Six inches by nine inches, two hundred and thirty-eight pages of non-technological fantasy could be sitting in your hands. That delicious Anne Rosario portrait in high definition on the cover will tell the world what kind of reader you are. Maybe you’ll stare into the drunken little fairy’s eyes with longing before diving into her world through the magic of print.

What are you waiting for, O bibliophile? Put your money where your mouth is and get yourself a copy today! You can even have free shipping, if you’ve got Amazon Prime!

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