InConjunction 2015 here I come! Plus: Get a Magic Token!

InconJunction 2014Amy and I have been going to InConjunction Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention in Indianapolis since 2009 as fans, and this is my third year as a guest and vendor.

I will be with other Speculative Fiction Guild folks: R.J. Sullivan, John F. Allen, David Jobe, Katina French, Nathan & Laura Terhune, and Matthew Barron at a set of tables in the dealers’ room, which is open to the public, no badge required! Come see us!

New this year, I am officially launching Blue Spirit: A Tipsy Fairy Tale (Seventh Star Press) and Trans-Continental: Girl in the Gears (Silly Hat Books), and will have my complete Road Ghosts Trilogy (SSP) as well as perennial favorite, Reality Check (Hydra Publications).

Transit King Magic Tokens!

Transit King Magic Tokens!

I’m also going to have some new swag! Lovely Blue Spirit bookmarks, plus a limited supply of wooden coins: The Transit King’s Magic Tokens! These things are rumored to bring the best of luck in traffic-related situations. Keeping one on you might not always get you primo parking, but you will find a spot. Lay one on the dashboard, and you might get something akin to spidey sense just before a potential accident. The list of possible magical benefits goes on and on.

How can you get your very own Transit King Magic Token? Well, stop by my booth at InConjunction and find out. I can guarantee that buying my books is a nearly surefire way to leave with one of these babies in the palm of your hand.

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