Frannie and her “Ghost” — Whiteboard Wednesday

Frannie and her Ghost

Frannie and her “Ghost”

I missed Whiteboard Wednesday last week, but here’s a rare appearance by Frannie of the Road Ghosts Trilogy (spoiler: she is also in the upcoming Restless Spirit, another Tipsy Fairy Tale!). Trailing behind her, as some would be able to see, is her “ghost”. If you haven’t read Four ’til Late and Sinking Down, I won’t spoil it for you here!

Fun facts about Frannie: Like Skye, she’s a gamer girl, and as her t-shirt suggests, she’s into video games (she met the love of her life, Jimbo, on World of Warcraft) and roleplaying games. She’s also a ghost hunter and has been through more changes than anyone in the Road Ghosts Trilogy. She’s still a cheerfully big girl, though some traumas have taken weight off of her. Though she’s also lost some of her obnoxious edgy personality, she’s gained some wisdom and strength in the process. I hope to write some Frannie-centric stories someday, as she’s a somewhat overlooked character.

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