Get your Road Ghosts on with FOUR ‘TIL LATE now 99 cents! (also Whiteboard Wednesday)

Four til Late 99 cents!

Jimbo is clueless as Brett and Gonzo (and a friend) can’t believe their eyes!

This is where it all starts. Four friends take a wild haunted road trip, on their way through Memphis to New Orleans! Pursued by supernatural entities at every turn, they’re going to have to stick together to survive.

Seventh Star Press has set the first book‘s price at just 99 cents, so you too can take that ride. This is permanent unless my publisher changes their minds.

With October haunts approaching fast, you’d better hit the road and dig into the Road Ghosts Trilogy, starting with Four ’til Late!

“Well-timed backstory, well-drawn characters, and genuine scares all come together in a tale that hides wisdom behind its shroud of fog and fury. Join pagan witch, innocent bystander, and friends just looking for music and a well-chilled beer, and enjoy this Halloween tale.” — Sheila Deeth

“The main characters, even those that remained “off screen” for the most part, all felt like people I’ve known (and in some cases wanted to strangle), and I was genuinely interested in what was happening to them.” — Julia Kroon

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