“In short, I felt like a sexy parade float.” Whiteboard Wednesday


Ida poses as the Queen Mayor of New Orleans in an undercover role. Melvin looks on in disapproval as Duffy encourages Ida, who is doing almost too well at her job. The spotlights on the dock reflect miniature versions of themselves off of the thousands of sequins on Ida’s slinky dress. (Idea courtesy of  my dear friend Quinn!)

Here’s a sneak preview from my soon-to-be-released book, Trans-Continental: Mississippi Queen:

The ground was too far away. Even the toes of my borrowed
shoes were inches off the ground, and the heels seemed halfway to
where my knees would be on a normal night.

This was not a normal night.

As we approached the electric lights of the dock, I squinted into
the harsh glare. Bubbles of light swam all around me, and for a moment
I thought we’d gotten caught in a swarm of some strange insect or small,
bright birds.

Then I realized, the bubbles were my light. The sequined, satin
dress clung to my body in ways that felt sinful. The hoop earrings and
the glossy black wig I wore brushed my bare shoulders. The tight skirt
of the dress hobbled my steps, slowing our progress. Which was fine by
me, I needed to take it easy on these precarious shoes. Not that I could
see them over the stuffing she’d added to my chest.

In short, I felt like a sexy parade float.


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