Alien Beer Podcast – Moby Me

This week, I present a flash story I wrote in 2013 for the late, great Iron Writer Challenge. This story of mad science is one of my favorites from that competition.

About half of the stories in this book were originally written for The (late, great) Iron Writer Challenge, a website and a community of folks who became good friends and adversaries in competing to craft 500 word stories using 4 elements — written in just 4 days. I wrote the following story for The Iron Writer Challenge in July 2013 for the Summer Solstice Challenge. The challenge demanded that we use these four elements: An Electric Flying Bicycle, a Doppelgänger, Atlantis, and an obscure Black & White Television Drama/Comedy. My story finished dead last against 3 other past Iron Writer winners, who were worthy opponents. But one author friend told me that this story is what made her a fan of my writing, so winning isn’t everything.

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