Alien Beer Podcast – Spectral Delivery

“Spectral Delivery” started life in early 2013 as a sample story to serve as introduction to my Road Ghosts Trilogy. Its chronological place in the series is somewhere between the second book, Sinking Down, and the third one, Me and the Devil, but it’s meant to stand alone, and contains no real spoilers. The story is included as a part of The Road Ghosts Omnibus and is read wonderfully in the audiobook by Sean Duregger. I’m not including his reading here on the podcast. If you’d prefer his professional reading over this free “read by the author”, then you’ll have to buy the audiobook. You should anyway, it’s worth it for Sean’s amazing reading of three books and this short story.

It’s told from the point of view of Enid, who’s an outsider to the supernatural adventures of Brett, Gonzo, and their friends, but she ended up charming me enough that I revisited her in “Christmas Special, which is later in the Alien Beer stories series.

P.S. I used to deliver pizzas for a living; the Hey Dudes are real.

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