Mean Spirit is out! The Tipsy Fairy Tales Trilogy is complete at last!

Blue SpiritRestless SpiritMean Spirit

Ten years in the making, Skye MacLeod’s story, The Tipsy Fairy Tales, is finally ready for you to read! Indianapolis gamer girl Skye and her (sort of) fairy sister Minnie were separated into individuals by supernatural trauma, and now Skye can see into the fairy world — but only if she’s been drinking. Having one foot in another world gets her into all kinds of trouble, as she struggles to protect her friends and herself from grim threats only she can perceive.

Warring fairy Lords and Ladies, trolls, goblins, and even stranger things fill Skye’s world, while her power forces her to face her own personal demons.

So come along with Skye and Minnie on their adventures in the Tipsy Fairy Tales Trilogy!

Brand new! The exciting conclusion to the Tipsy Fairy Tales!

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9 Responses to Mean Spirit is out! The Tipsy Fairy Tales Trilogy is complete at last!

  1. marianallen says:

    So excited that the third book is out at last! Wish I could buy it from you personally at a con and give you a big hug!

  2. marianallen says:

    But where are the buy links?

  3. Jorie says:

    Happy, Happy day for all of us Ms Chris!!

    I am join everyone in congratulating you on this milestone as an author but also as a reader who has become so dearly addicted to reading this series and the world in which you’ve given us wherein Skye and Minnie live!! I am also on pins to read it – not just to see the conclusion but because I know how emotionally dramatic this ending will be for me to read — I clearly need more tissues – I can see myself in a puddle by the final chapter! So happy for you! And all three cover art are smashing together – eager for print as others are but willing to wait!!

    PS: I missed seeing Minnie originally on Twitter – pulling up this post and seeing the full cover art I now see how Skye and Minnie are interlinked in the artwork – so clever! But it also seems like its a metaphor of their lives and a parting of their paths,…

    • ecgarrison says:

      Good eye, Jorie! Not everyone notices Minnie on the cover! As for what it might mean, you’ll just have to read the book! I’m not giving any spoilers. πŸ˜‰

      I hope you find Mean Spirit to be a fitting ending to the Tipsy Fairy Tales and that you enjoy it as much as the others!

      • Jorie says:

        Ooh I would never ask for a spoiler… I just wanted to share what my initial reaction was and after I’ve read the story we can happily converse privately if I were right or wayy off base!! I’m hoping I’ll be satisfied too – when you get so hugged into a series, the ending is sometimes quite difficult – at least for me? I get so dearly *attached!* I am definitely celebrating your journey with the Tipsy Fairy Tales – I came into whilst it was evolving forward and I’ve been wicked thankful to be here for seeing how the series developed. It is the series which gave me such a HUGE #bookhug I cannot wait to one day read all of your stories and intuit out things you’ve included in the stories, the cover art and the hidden symbolisms you always put inside them.

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